We are trying to use best tools for the task and as a result LTLMaster is a hybrid system.

As a Microsoft Partner we have access to latest Microsoft technology.

For system core we decided to use Microsoft SQL Server, which in our opinion next to Oracle is one of the best database systems available. At the beginning we were using Ms SQL Server 2005. Soon Microsoft released version 2008 with some very nice additions and we also updated LTLMaster to take advantage of new functions. Currently SQL Server 2005 is no longer supported and we are suggesting to use version 2012 or newer.

Desktop app has been build using Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 using SQL Pass-through queries delivering exceptional performance.

Web access for Customers has been implemented with ASP.NET Razor.

Mobile access for Drivers has been implemented with jQuery Mobile and it can run on any device!
We also have Android native app (available on Google Play)