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  • Powerfull and Easy to use.
  • Customizable.

Our story


If you are in the transportation business and you're looking for a sophisticated software to automate all office tasks LTLMaster is your best choice !

LTLMaster started as a custom designed for one of our customers who couldn't find an existing solution good enough to satisfy their need. Since its inception in 2006, we have regularly worked to improve its capabilities and ease of use. Every new customer has brought value insight into our system, making it the perfect solution for any asset-based transportation company.

We love challenges and we never turned away a customer because their software expectations are too high. We welcome feedback and gladly work to improve the current interface to incorporate the feedback we do get. This in turn provides our customers a system that is tailored to satisfy the needs of the transportation business.

LTLMaster got its beginnings with less than a truck load (LTL) carrier and this is where LTLMaster possesses the greatest strenght, however as our customer base grew and we gained customers who were using various equipment, such as intermodal containers and tankers, we had to enhance the program to support our new customers and their needs. Currently LTLMaster has evolved to support the following types of loads: TL, LTL, containers & multi-compartment tankers.

Ideal for any size

Either if you have just one truck or hundreds this program will help you streamline all tasks: dispatch drivers, invoice customers, pay vendors and many many more.

Hybrid design

LTLMaster is a hybrid system. Variety of technologies were used to built entire system:

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • ASP.NET Web API & MVC 5
  • Ms SQL Server 2012
  • C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, VFP 9

Last Updates

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Android App

As a part of the ERP we offer android application for company's drivers so they can easily access their loads.
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Web Access

Customers and Drivers can easily access the system using internet browser (Computer, Tablet, Smartphone).
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Google Maps

Integratation with Google Maps allows to get distance miles very fast, easy and free.
Alex 01/22/2017

Evens notification is an amazing tool. I use it everyday - saves me a lot of typing I was doing before. Keep up a good work!

Derek 03/10/2017

I'd like to see few additions to Driver's Mobile app. I want them to see truck VIN, etc.

Chris 04/07/2017

New mobile app is awesome !!!

Recent Updates

dispatch board

Dispatch Board

Main Dispatch Board has been improved with new filters, profile management and more customizable options for you.

Events Emailing

Emailing Events

Improved Events Emailing allows to have options for customized message templates.

Android Ver 2.0

LTL driver version 2.0

New version of LTL Driver Android Application allows Drivers to upload images directly from device camera to the system.


Rail Trips Module

We just finished implementing Rail Trips Module.